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The Current Clan

The current clanAfter shifting the capital from Damra to Maluti, the royal family did not live together. They were divided into four-houses (Chow Tarafs). Rakharchandra, the eldest son of RajaRajchandra had one-fourth of the share of the total property. His house was called Rajar Bari or Rajar Taraf. Similarly, with the same share of house of his brother Prithvichandra became‘madhyam bari’ (house of second), Ramchandra, the second son of Raja Jaychandra had ¼ share and was called Sikir Bari (house of ¼ th share). The fourth share was occupied by Mahadevchandra, the youngest son of Raja Jaychandra. He had six sons, so the subjects used to call that house in the name of ‘ChhaiTaraf’ (house of six). The descendants of Baj Basanta used Raja title till 1900 AD. At the beginning of the 20th Century they left Raja title and called ‘Babus’ (as the gentry class people used to be called in colonial era).


The current clanInterestingly, the descendants of this zamindar family still live in Maluti. Meher Chandra Roy was the last zamindar with Raja title. Afterwards, the descendants assumed ' Babu' title. After Meher Chandra, Pratap Chandra became the next zamindar followed by Mukti Chandra and Pasupati Roy, and then Kali Kumar Roy.


The current generation of Rajar Taraf lives in the modest house where once zamindars had spent their glorious period in the quest of the God. Kali Kumar’s six sons — Ashok Kr Roy, Subodh Kumar Roy, Tushar Baran Roy, Timir Baran Roy, Norod Baran Roy and Kumud Baran Roy and their next generation Sumata and Sushanta Roy, Aparna Roy (Banerjee), Nandita Roy, Suparna Roy and Sriparna Roy and Sourav Roy still live in this house.

The current clan